Where To Buy A Used iPhone

Where To Buy A Used iPhone

Discover the three top places for buying a used iPhone and why you should consider purchasing from one of them

Where To Buy A Used iPhone


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Buying a used iPhone is a great alternative for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to receive a quality phone, as well as helping the environment by reducing the mass production of new devices. When it comes to buying a used iPhone there are millions of websites where you can do so, at a certain risk.

In this article, you can find the top three places where you can buy a used iPhone, with a detailed list of pros and cons so you can easily identify the best one for you. Furthermore, of all the list, the best one to finally invest your money in, and have a quality and certified used iPhone that you’ve always wanted.


The first place most people think about when wanting to buy an iPhone is Amazon, which has many different listings, models, and Apple variations that attracts clients’ attention. The platform sells used and refurbished iPhones at reasonable prices and with a 90-day warranty if you meet the policies they require. These devices are not certified by Apple but have been carefully evaluated by a team of professionals to make sure they are optimal for selling at their current state.

Although it sounds great at first sight, there are a few things to consider before buying an iPhone on Amazon such as the buyer’s reputation and reviews, photos used on the description (typically, if they use iPhones original pictures most people will think is a scam or that the phone has some damage, because otherwise, they’d be using actual images of the phone itself) as well as the phone’s details list.

Amazon has a segment called Amazon Refurbished Store where they sell iPhones directly to customers, and has been reported as safer and more reliable for clients thus they do not have to worry about inspecting individual buyers. Overall, here are some pros and cons of buying an iPhone on Amazon to make things clear and simple:


  • ●  Quality iPhones

  • ●  Cheaper prices

  • ●  Warranty if requirements are met


  • ●  Risk of a damaged product when it arrives

  • ●  Certain scenarios are not covered by the warranty

  • ●  Descriptions are not always 100% accurate to the phone’s actual state


    eBay is another worldwide platform where you can buy a used iPhone and find a decent price for the device that you want. Although it is very similar to Amazon, eBay

is known for being less trustworthy when it comes to purchasing electronic devices. There are hundreds if not millions of publications of used iPhones on eBay, and unless you find a certified carrier’s eBay profile that is selling the phone (not always used, but rather boxed new) the risk of falling into a scam is huge.

Unlike Amazon, eBay doesn’t have a “semi-official” page where you can search for a used iPhone and pay a cheaper price, they have individual sellers that create the offer, just like if you were purchasing the phone from a friend, but instead of being a friend, you are buying from a stranger that you don’t know if they even have the device.

eBay used iPhone publications must be carefully read and analyzed to avoid a scam. There are, of course, loyal and transparent sellers that just want to provide people with used and refurbished phones, but there are others who will simply take the money and send you some rocks on a fake iPhone box. Furthermore, unless you are purchasing from a carrier’s official eBay store (which you’ll most likely be paying for a new phone and not a used affordable one), you don’t have any type of warranty.

The pro/cons perspective on buying a used iPhone on eBay looks something like this:


  • ●  Cheap price

  • ●  Many iPhone models are available


  • ●  Not a reliable platform

  • ●  High chances of scam

  • ●  No warranty

  • ●  Risk of receiving a device that doesn’t work

Tech Plug

For those looking for a quality and trustworthy place to buy a used iPhone Tech Plug is definitely the place to go. It is a combination of Amazon and Apple thus you can purchase online in the comfort of your home and receive optimal devices.

Tech Plug is the leading US electronics provider that offers certified pre-owned devices from major manufactures such as Apple and Samsung, whose devices had been carefully reviewed and refurbished to make sure they meet the client’s high standards for a used device. Furthermore, Tech Plug is the only company that can offer a 90-day no questions asked warranty as well as a top-class online and phone customer support that can help you with any questions or issues you have.

A detail worth mentioning is that Tech Plug has a physical store you can visit if you live nearby, which neither Amazon nor eBay has, and they are located at 198-B Market St, Elmwood Park, NJ. All in all, there are not many cons that are worth mentioning, unless it is similar prices to other platforms such as Amazon or eBay, but considering the other incredible benefits, they offer this becomes irrelevant.

Overall, here are the pros of buying a used iPhone on Tech Plug:


  • ●  Quality & certified pre-used iPhones

  • ●  90-day warranty

  • ●  Secure checkout on their website

  • ●  Physical store

  • ●  Cheap prices

  • ●  Many iPhone models are available

  • ●  Store exclusively dedicated to selling pre-used devices

  • ●  Customer support

The Bottom Line

The internet is filled with platforms that sell used iPhones, and this article showcases the top three ones, concluding with the most reliable and trustworthy, Tech Plug.

Not only is it important to check and analyze the quality of the phone before purchasing but the quality of the seller as well, if they offer any kind of warranty and how they deal with customers. Of all, Tech Plug is the only one that can comply with clients’ high and reasonable standards and offer top-class pre-owned iPhones with everything one needs to feel safe with their purchase.

Furthermore, their physical store makes things more reliable thus they are a working business exclusively dedicated to finding the best prices for the trendiest devices.

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